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Online CTAE Courses for Georgia

 New for 2019-20 ... a Georgia coded & aligned CTAE Bundle

SchoolsPLP offers the latest, most comprehensive, engaging, and rigorous online CTAE course catalog

                                                                    Online CTAE Courses

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

AgriScience 1

AgriScience 2

Forestry & Natural Resources

Principles of Agriculture, Food &

Natural Resources

Renewable Technologies 1

Renewable Technologies 2

Veterinary Science


Arts, AV Technology & Communications

Digital Media Fundamentals A

Digital Media Fundamentals B

3D Modeling


Coding 1

Coding 2

Digital Photography 1

Digital Photography 2

Fashion & Interior Design

Game Design 1

Game Design 2


Public Speaking 1

Public Speaking 2


Business Management & Administration

Business Information Management A

Business Information Management B

Business Management and Admin A

Business Management and Admin B

Principles of Business, Marketing, Finance A

Principles of Business, Marketing, Finance B

Office Administration A 

Office Administration B 

Business Administration

Business Finance

Business Management

Entrepreneurship A

Entrepreneurship B

Management A 

Management B

International Business

Career Development

Career Prep 1 

Career Prep 2

College & Career Transitions

Learning in a Digital World

Virtual Business

Education & Training

Early Childhood Education 1

Early Childhood Education 2


Principles of Business, Marketing, Finance A

Principles of Business, Marketing, Finance B

Business Finance

Personal & Family Finance


Government & Public Administration

Military Careers

National Security

Principles of Public Service

Health Sciences

Health Science Foundations A

Health Science Foundations B

Health Science 1

Health Science 2

Nutrition & Wellness

Medical Terminology A

Medical Microbiology A

Medical Microbiology B 

Anatomy and Physiology A

Anatomy and Physiology B 

Nursing Assistant A 

Nursing Assistant B 

Allied Health Assistant A 

Allied Health Assistant B 

Medical Lab Diagnostics A 

Medical Lab Diagnostics B 

Veterinary Science

Hospitality & Tourism

Culinary Arts 1

Culinary Arts 2

Hospitality & Tourism

Restaurant Management


Human Services


Peer Counseling

Personal & Family Finance

Personal Psychology 1

Personal Psychology 2

Real-World Parenting


Information Technology

Principles of Information Technology A 

Principles of Information Technology B

Principles of Microsoft Word

Principles of Excel

Introduction to Programming A

Introduction to Programming B

Introduction to Networking A 

Introduction to Networking B

Network Security Fundamentals A 

Network Security Fundamentals B 

Web Development A 

Web Development B 

Coding 1

Coding 2


Game Design 1

Game Design 2


Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Careers in Criminal Justice



Forensic Science 1

Forensic Science 2

Introduction to Legal Studies

National Security Principles of Public Service


MFG ‐ Product Design & Innovation



Marketing Foundations A

Marketing Foundations B

Sales & Advertising


Sports & Entertainment


Principles of Business, Marketing, Finance A

Principles of Business, Marketing, Finance B


Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Anthropology 1 

Anthropology 2


Astronomy 1

Astronomy 2

Biotechnology 1

Biotechnology 2

Engineering and Technology

Great Minds in Science

Marine Science 1

Marine Science 2

Renewable Technologies 1

Renewable Technologies 2

“We have been able to expand the number of CTAE courses we can offer our students…and even include our alternative and non-traditional students”

                          -Dublin City Schools

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